Corporate advisory

We are advising entrepreneurs, enterprises and institutions who want to know about and be active in in Emerging Markets, especially Asia. With our experts and competent cooperation partners we develop a customized Asia strategy with you and help to implement it. With our longstanding experience and contacts we enable you to make the right decision. Besides planning and developing strategies we also offer cost-optimized project management and efficient operative support.

Our focus is on the following sectors:

  • renewable energies
  • green technologies
  • real estate and infrastructure
  • financial services
  • consumer goods
  • communication technology

Asia Asset Advisory

We provide AAA – advice to private and institutional investors on investing in Emerging Mar-kets. Our special field are Asian capital markets. Apart from countries, sectors and enterprises financial products of different asset classes are being evaluated by us. Our forecasts and analy-sis are used to pick the right investment strategy and investment products. If requested strategy and investment decisions will be subject to continuing risk evaluations and a detailed monitoring process.

Our services include advisory, portfolio management, development of structured investment product and many more. Analyzed products include bonds, stocks, derivatives, open-end and closed-end funds, umbrella funds, hedge funds as well as direct investments in enterprises, real estate, commodities and currencies.

asia21 gmbh also helps with identifying interesting direct investments, e.g. real estate, company shares, joint ventures and holding structures. We assist you in selecting , structuring , negotiating and executing these transactions.

Our clients are typically:

  • individuals
  • family offices
  • foundations
  • private banks
  • independent trust managers

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